Sacred Spaces

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Why not take your spirit with you as you go? Why leave altars and shrines to designated architectural habitats; when you can create create sacred spaces everywhere you travel?

“An altar is any structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices are made for religious/spiritual purposes. Altars are usually found at shrines, and they can be located in temples, churches and other places of worship.”

These spaces represent us; humans apprehend their own being by making it visible in the appearances of their goddesses and gods. In our altars lay our fragmented stories; we represent a vision of ourselves; our sacrifices, our joy; our lives.

It is no surprise to most that I have darkness that hovers much more blantantly to my surface then my lightness…. Although if you were to take a gander at one of my shrines you would see sides of me that most take years to gain access to completely.

You would see an archaic feral spirit that is not to be fucked with: proud of her animality; her carnal lust; her protective loving nature. Then once she let you past you would see someone much older; and she would smile at you with a welcoming kindness.
You would see child like memories and sage-like inspiration for a future; both my future and the one I will never witness. You would see my idealistic romanticism; my gods and my artisticness; you would see my hope.

I weave these with love for the moment; as an invitation to adventure to the unknown; for the reverence of my/our beauteous chaos and integral peace that follows. I create them for the breathless moments of nessesity; for guidance, to set an intention for the night/weekend/week/year, for playfulness, for my innocence and my sensuality…. And everything in between.

This past weekends dashboard altar lay at the front lines of my partner and i’s mobile domicile.

Eagle feathers, rabbit spine and coyote tail adorn it with prominence; gifts I was granted by time and luck. Cards I pulled from my deck; the empress and the fool. Given the fact that it was a burning man event and we were camped at the empress camp these made me laugh; whilst the cards I pulled from his deck ( the master and transformation) made me ponder very deeply. Various other interpersonal relics adorned this simple single serving delight and welcomed anyone who shared company with us with warm regards.

These are the little things remind me of the importance of my heavy heart.


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