As Above, So below


Vancouver; once again I am enchanted by you; the secrets you keep the hearts you give refuge.

In moments of serene silence we two beings circled a mass delight of phonic chaos.
Costumed and embodied; fuelled and stimulated by the re-remembered ancestry of those who so fervently wanted to dance; those waiting in the midst of the thinning veil of Mí na Samhna.
When you practice speechlessness you hear and receive on a level no words could delineate.
Blood boils as they feast on our unified somatic offering; a gift of the souls sweet honey and autumns spirited harvest.

We play; spiral and cavort as the universe serenades.

From hallowed fire and a seasons dying; we become new and old all the same.
Our own collective Cata-strophe:

“A way woven for us that didn’t wait for our readiness.”

As above so bellow.

I am blessed to be dancing with you all on this journey; alive and otherwise.
Thank you.


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