Fractured social structured transitions: Madonna and the Whore

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.01.52 AM

From Goddess – to- Queen -to- The Reliably Objectified -to- The Harlot. Rinse and repeat; this is what is terrorizing the women of our culture.
Constant shifts in surface level external mindstate; inability to differentiate between the self and others projections. This empathic alcoholism; these hearts poisoned by attentiveness. Leading to apathy by our exasperated and depleted sense of worth.

Are we Mothers? Are we Virgins? Are we Whores? are we non/all of thee above?

We are flesh; and soul; bone and spirit. A perfect harmony to the masculine. When the Divine masculine is skilfully embodied- the Sacred feminine thrives; and vice versa.

Smarten the fuck up.



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