I love my Mom


Happiest birthday to the woman who gave me my (and her everything). My dearest Mama

at 18 she birthed me despite all odds, advice and potentially logic. She then spent the next 19 years of my life being one of the few people who consistently encouraged and believed in me.
She wasn’t perfect; and neither am I; we in a sense grew up together; ending up very similar but in other ways incredibly different.
I want to protect and nurture people like my Mom so they can teach by example the vulnerability of tenderness as a strength to others.

She and my stepdad despite their issues revolving around their own youth and trauma; loved me unquestionably and unconditionally. My awareness of this helped me learn what steadfast devotion is; the true true kind; the kind that never wavers just because the “like” may come and go.

“Love is solid; for some they fall in love and stay there easily, for others it takes more tenaciousness and time but they get there. Once true love is felt, like matter there is nothing that can nullify or invalidate it. We are witness to the genesis of something that becomes archaic. We are the guardians of love here to birth, protect and tend to it in it’s evolution. Only time can wash away our love; for lack of people still alive to remember that little integral piece of history existed; even then perhaps in someway it’s still there. That I have yet to understand or experience for myself, ask me again in a few millennia.

“Like” on the other hand; has ebb and flow. You can like someone, without necessarily loving them; and you can love someone, and really not like them very much in that moment. Like is a much more high maintenance feeling; like a plant or a pet it needs somewhat regular retention. It comes and goes as our love (or lack there of) evolves and twists before our eyes; it’s harmony when paired with love, can be magical but certainly not necessary.

*excerpt from my writings regarding Like VS love read more here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/mya-hardman/the-applecat-archives-volume-1/10151185856514613?fref=nf

She sent me a short story stating “I got a lot of my belief system from reading his ( Theodore Sturgeon http://freetexthost.com/fzvwibovva ) work, which I think I passed a little of to you.”

Despite hardships, despite my erratic artistic chaos and life’s challenges I have always known and accepted one thing comprehensively. I know love; I know it’s meaning, I know it’s purpose and power. I feel it unfiltered now and even if it hurts; the hurt is worth it all: love is always the resolution, the elucidation, the conclusion…. and thank you to Mister Sturgeon and My Mom for helping me grow up understanding that.

We love, we love like wildfire; we love absolutely and I always will. This is my place in the world. A love revolutionist a protecter of true adoration; a warrior in service to truth.

Thanks to her.


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