“The first flush of death
burns brightly beyond the pale
a vibrant shudder
followed by soft hues of grey
winter lingers on the verge.”

Remembering deeply this past week. I am being met with my discerned weakness; times of which I do not savour to reminisce.
This is the Universe letting me know that it will not be waiting any longer for what I perceive as “readiness”.

When given the choice to sink or swim; the clear option should be blatantly obvious.

Face your darkness. I am being faced with mine; bow in recognition to each other, with each other even. Your life’s former incarnations are the predecessor of your current; they are part of what shaped you in to your now. Never forget, never linger; always be learning.
No matter how painful. Nothing is more detrimental than a lesson wasted.

Positivity, or rather the choice to constantly embody only that, can be just as addictive as its paradoxical counterpart.

Darkness (not your conditioning or previous environmentals) want’s to do it’s part in assisting in your healing. It is you; and it’s not evil.
Life cannot be sweet and light all the time. In-fact it begs of you to relinquish it the burden of that facade. We can learn from the tough times— even if they are in the past; they are still prominent in our lives, and often still have wisdom to teach us. Wisdom that aligns with your life today; less so than yesterday- patiently waiting in embryonic suspension until we are most receptive.
This awareness of how your dusk and dawn sides flow is absolutely essential for balance in existence. Not just yours, but your loved ones, your community; your whole damn world.

I am met, with grief, memory and lamentation; but this time around I will not meet them with regret, ignorance or rejection. Circumstance has excavated a time where my vulnerability ran thick; and I for one plan to endure it with curiosity, humility and a desire to learn from my past self; who seems so eager to help lift me from my winter introspection.

This providence is a gift to us; accept it with courage and grace.

“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”
― C.G. Jung

Art Credit: http://apalkin.deviantart.com/art/Without-a-name-498150543


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