How can love and life work together?


Love should spiral outward not inward; why?
When it is a situation that brings the predominant universe of the the couple to an allotted closed off world of two then it is bound to implode. Leaving not much in it’s wake but confusion, resentment, longing and potentially festering abhoration; BUT! What happens when it propels them outward in to the universe as a whole; cultivating an infectious love in it’s aftermath. Then we can start to see  what I would consider a “heathy” love. Hard work? Certainly; simple? even more so.

Perhaps some would comment that I am not the one to preach on what exactly healthy love is; given my youth, my experience my track record, my whatever. That being said and discarded I have my ideas and I stand by them with great conviction.

The idea that nothing is really unique or scarce if you choose to have that surface level outlook on life; is bleak and without colour. I agree that a certain amount of over hyped disneyesque idealism is detrimental to the process of cultural progression, life and love but a complete lack of it makes one wonder what the point of anything at all is….aside from instinctual procreation and self preservation.

We need magic in life; as well as logic. These two despite their opposing differences when executed with harmony are perfect for each other. They mirror our hearts and minds; binding our souls in to something inspiring, something that gets us out of bed in the morning.

True deep love is meeting eye to eye in a mutual adoration for something much bigger and more integral then their selves; something that will live on far after we are dead and forgotten despite our contributions; and it’s integrity comes from us knowing that.

Working together, as partners or comrades in the story of love; not as protagonists but as devotees, or even more so; as honoured guardians.


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