Out, damned spot! Out, I say!

Sometimes I feel it’s swallowed me whole

This found love-
-Half devoured as I sink in to you
Satiating you, a secret inside
Shivering in anticipation. I beseech-

-Drink Me.

I sought redemption by
personal crucifixion,
-for this so called tragic human condition

A veteran in wandering

I traveled in pilgrimage; for so long
I forgot where I came from, forgot what I was looking for
I knew only the search-
and all I remembered was the song

Upon dusted venture I lay claim to my great grey in-between;
to my aloneness; my obliteration
Until you answered my song.

“How dare he”

I thought.

Come in-between me and my coveted plight.

“How DARE he”

I growled

Eye to eye with the moon, to the night

Love; abashed. Returned to it’s home
like Lady Macbeth I bellowed

“Out damned spot”

But to no avail.

Devotion sprouted like a weed; and demanded I take flight;
memory jogged, the proverbial apple bitten
it’s flesh torn.

I remembered
I sought not a kingdom to overthrow, but a companion to build it a new

ashes to ashes; dust to dust

To you, the uninvited adversary
and only to you
this dragons treasure I entrust.

Now hush you,
and listen to my song once more.


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