I fell in love with a figment;

a caitiff in a concept’s shroud


The early morning sun veining in to the dawn

These true colours, I once witnessed counterfeit

The spiked joy of freedoms territory

Where acres are just beds

Made of flesh

This Indented land

-It all reminds me of a tale, i wrote

a bedtime story, romancing a nightmare

About old tongues that only I spoke

erroneous worlds, and sinuous design

A soft voice lifted from between forked tongue

Cross Tail flicking, pages turned, and rewritten.

For the sealed finality of

“…..Happily ever after”

aways allured me far less than the exhilarant aspect of

“Once upon a time….”

Wander with me my Dear; I can only promise in truest certitude the greatest of Adventures.


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