I dreamed of an event;
filled with a melange of folk, old and young;
Sometimes it was a dance party, otherwise a theatric performance; sometimes it was just delightful and cultured chaos.
The night was coming to an end and he approached me;

“What is it you fear child?”

The older man with the crows feet and thick viking accent asked.
I hesitated

“I fear a life wasted and unremembered, and a death equally so. I fear failure; and the foreboding shadow of “too late”

He nodded.

The whole event he had been very jovial; like a favourite -perhaps often moderately drunk- uncle. Sometimes I could barely tell if he was human or some other type of playful animal. Now though there was nothing but certitude and wisdom in his intense stare; one that beamed with a sobriety I had never even fathomed.

He gently took my index finger and concentrated intently on it; reading it.
He rested in the place between words for what seemed like an eternity and then abruptly let out a heavy breathe.

‘Your life’s, and then your death’s gifts will come and go like the tides; but if it is a death without memorial you dread; you have nothing to fear.
Your debts to this world will be paid in full; you are now and will be loved until you are forgotten.
Death – when it is time – will be your last gift to this world.”

With tears I squeeze his hand in gratitude; hard. Swiftly then I wake up; with words in mind and pillow slightly dampened.


One thought on “Dream.

  1. I saw you for the first time at the “down the rabbit hole” event. Your music is incredible that I couldn’t get enough. Since then been reading your writing and I think everything is written so beautifully and it ALL touches my heart. I deal with a lot of inside stuff that is hard to live with on most days, but I face the fear and do it anyway! I have to or I’d be stuck in my deep dark world of depression and afraid of giving in to those voices of despair. Anxiety is another big one as well. I’m around people all the time for my work and am very successful and when I tell people “my true self”. They can’t believe it as they see a strong, successful confident person, which I obviously don’t see. “Fake it til you make it” is my motto! Sorry for talking so much about me, but I think you are so gifted in what you do and I thank you!


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