Untitled # 356


What is to become of darkness when it situates it’s life in the shade of light?

Life after life spent in solitary reign, bored.
Bored out of my mind.
a terrain that matched the shade of my body so fluently; that at times I anticipated absolute consumption.
Of my self, and my own
Tiny light.

Size is subjective

Words like tiny; I use with deliberate satire. As there is no greater relativity than the human concept of space and time. A caricature of a greater parable we leisurely have chosen to not yet adhere to. Our bravery laying smothered and bound by comfort; suffocated by familiarity.

I am tired

I am prepared to send back; my embalmed story as a tribute, a relic; outdated and negligible
I am prepared to embody a enigmatic muse;
to be a shadow if only to bring forth something greater

a light beyond my measure

This tribute; perhaps a trade,  or a consolation gift; for a queen long since over due; for a healthy dose of unknown.

A longing; tossed swiftly to the wind.


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