perhaps perhaps perhaps


Perhaps if we learned to see the transitions in our lives for what they truly are – to acknowledge, honour and respect the little deaths we face through out the years, months, and even on a daily basis – perhaps then the cultural phobia surrounding the “one death” (the big one) would gradually fade.

Perhaps if we stopped pretending these grievances didn’t happen or worse didn’t matter, we could release the terror rooted in being forgotten – in disappearance. We could connect our end, with all the little ends we’ve learned from; we could feel like had mattered.

Perhaps then we would understand, that the ripple we started would continue to expand long after we became one with the ocean of time.
Perhaps these little deaths serve to show us that they/we feed new life; they teach us, with or without our conscious knowing of it.

Perhaps if we listen we would hear that our final gift can be the greatest one; and each little life we’ve felt come and go has too been a gift to the source.

Little or large, tangible or abstract; all of these lives have significance – their beginning and their end.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…..


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