The sea matched my gaze
Humid & Lush
here even the spiders dance

With awkward stoicism
“Hathorian”he called me.
and I wasn’t inclined to disagree

as ribbons of language fall through my lips
words allude me

And somethings I still smile;
at the quiet  spaces
in-between the rolling hum of the tide

I brought the rain along with me
left in my lieu the premise of a relic

I’ve been on call for lifetimes
the iron in my veins burns red
eroding the walls, spiralling but never

as if “up” and “down” meant much of anything
it’s child’s play

I have hurricane synapses and a roundabout mind
waiting with patience; released from nauseous anticipation

I raise a glass
to the found joy in unseen shallows
drink to the sunrise; scolding at me
to rest

having never left the house
how can one still be homeless?
Capricious vestiges crumble under wild embark
I would have it no other way

we are too young to run from thunder
I tie my awareness to a bird
who found life

and through it’s behold I watch the cosmos whirl


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