One year ago today


I sleep with my window open; the sound of the city comforts me; especially when I am sleeping alone. I woke up this morning rain drops lightly kissing my forehead; the smell of wet concrete and west coast rainforest seduced my senses; these cool droplets of water waking me gently as if to show me something.

I opened my eyes to the skies offering; the somber grey rain clouds intensified by the golden sunrise behind them. A gold which would never seem so illustrious and lovely if not counterbalanced by the darkness of the clouds.
Nature’s prolific embroidery of dualism.
I see your point, I see your message; I sang a song briefly about it; then forgot it as I drifted back to sleep.

Courage is illuminated by Darkness.

What good is it to curl up in to a little ball and pretend it’s not happening; if I stick my head in the sand my body will still be devoured.
Remember the little things. Those are the ones that stick.


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