Re-Remember Remember

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Re-Remember, Remember…

I am
callous by default; entering deeper gentle by nature
A restless heart; longing to break the sound barrier.
My bones, they ache for adventure.

I, as an ageless spirt; grind it’s jagged teeth against myself. Threatening a weathered but skilled sense of patience.
Prring whilst carving it’s unspeakable name on my insides;
in lieu of sustenance
An antiquated eye; sees far beyond my two fresh eyes;
composed of the most frail
and organic tissue;
in comparison at least
A somatic pang
sleepless soul twitched

Hearing clearly the bass line my ears are deafened by, the front lines we stand upon, the lines of which I am unwilling not to cross.
Hungry for what time has bound in tribulation.
A pain hits; those jagged teeth bared again against my flesh. Threatening mutiny.
My body jump starts to make way; for ruthless philanthropy; savage intellect through keen observation;
and opposition
to inane yet sedating bullshit
Comfort at a price.

We are birthing innovation; I see you
see this
I see you; I see what you can do; I
sea me, drenched in salted potential
sun dried; again I wait

In anticipation of our embryonic show down.
Remember remember re-remember……..

Art Credit: Randal Roberts


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