Love – if a brim existed I would be filled to it; inside the sempiternal labyrinth that I am – these walls are plastered and insulated with every type of love.
All kinds: kinds that are of pleasure, kinds that are of darkness, kinds that are nurturing, kinds that are individualized, kinds that are universal – and kinds that I have not yet met.

Love is not a game of wits, or an incantation to fill empty time, nor is it a walk in the park – It’s an entity. It is everything that aches, elates, gives solace and inspires.

It aches yes – stretch marks branding the sides of my spirit. Expansion I keep insisting is beyond my means; and yet despite the howls my means have not come to an end.

Perhaps this Human condition is stronger than we are made to believe?

Ludus, Storge, Pragma, Mania, Agape
of course; Eros

And if This Love spoke:

“When I enter you I communicate divine love to the smallest of your cells. I blow across your mind like a hot hurricane that eliminates from your language all criticism, aggression, comparison, spite, and the entire scale of pride that separates the spectator from the actor. I insinuate myself into your sexual energy to soften all brutality, and all traces of conquest and possession. I confer to pleasure the sublime delicacy of an exploding angel. When I dissolve in your body, it is to detach you from the dictatorship of mirrors and models, the gaze of others, the pain of comparisons.

I permit you to live your own life and assume your own light and beauty. In the heart where I dwell, I drive out the illusions of the unloved child. Like the bell tower of the cathedral, I spread the penetrating vibrations of love in your blood, stripped of all resentment, all emotional demands that have become a travesty of hatred, and all jealousy, which is only the shadow cast by abandonment. I initiate you into the desire of obtaining nothing that is not also for others.

The island of the ego is transformed into an archipelago. Everything works in concert to increase my joy, even what you interpret as negative circumstances: mourning, difficultly, pettiness, obstacles … I love things and beings as they are with their infinite possibilities of development. At every instant I see them, and I am ready to take part in their blossoming, but also to accept that they remain as they are.”
~ The Way of Tarot

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