Could you love a Woman?

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Could you love a woman?
2:30 am, lips laden stained with red wine
drunk on prose and sound
dancing between the lines of social contradiction
an introverted observer and yearned to be more
the shadow she casts, she prefers to live in
yet on a stage she’s choosing to cherry pick the best hiding spots
crafting masks out of flesh and song, authentic expression mitigated and diluted from fear of being “too much”

Could you love a Woman?
4:30pm, as the day grows old and grey
her mind is clouded with love, with grief
hidden in the crevasses of the psyche, because
the hurt is too much, she fades and feels it all – person by person by person
this; the seed of a weary impediment, I know you will get tired, of the “I’m sorry’s”
the universal ache to which she has willingly married her self
Is it possible to hold affection to a heart encumbered with fragility, could it be that one could situate themselves so regenerative and inclined?

Could you love a Woman?
10:00am rolling out of bed, a broody vessel
dreams still chaperoning her thoughts, for this she believes she is poison
you wonder, if every kiss she writes out
illustrated intricately with adjectives, is yours
that maybe the mysterious “he” she scribbles to
each evening, could perhaps -even in part- represent you
the speculated “he” – are they even a person at all? But perhaps something much more. An unspoken whisper trickling down fingers tip.

Could you love a Woman?
5:30am still awake, still wondering
flooded with stories and gathered emotion
sleep cut ever short, a curious linguists mental incision
wit sharp, eyes wide, from all the soul she hides inside
slumber remaining still an elusive bitch
teasing heavy eyes with the threat of time’s finite grasp
in the morning perhaps it would have never happened at all, yet something still is changed nevertheless.

Could you love a Woman?
25:00am – the 25th hour, her secret place of refuge
a visceral exhale, in a time of gasping palpitation
kind eyes, a primal and fierce embrace signals yours
teeth and bone, tussling tongues – words are finally released
bound by medley, perplexed by human expectation
in a whirl it is liberated, set free and let to roam, wild as she – as you may well be
this is a time, a sanctuary in a momentless in-between, for a brave and clever one that could love a Woman such as “She”

– AppleCat


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