Happy 150th birthday, right.

In my opinion
one cannot have a birthday
unless they were born

torn from the womb, history erased

without a consent
still born turtle island wept
kept on life support

spirit transmuted into a ghost

There was no midwife,
gently massaging her teet
insuring her comfort

coveted blood dripping from her brow

only insurance
that she would not remember
who she was before

we youth hear her quivering whisper

150 years
having landed, not arrived
food to wetiko

the hordes of our old ones rumble

the drum is calling
trespass runs hot through my veins
refusing to quell

she has been kind beyond her necessity

peaceful resistance
self loathing is narcism
we can do better

this land’s soil runs ancient

Open the in-between
decolonize canada
themselves & ourselves

Dance as if your feet were the flame

shake the ground with song
ecstatic connective reverence
bring in your lost dead

These are the spaces in-between stories

a shift’s precipice
a resurgence or a death
we can choose this fate

We can collectively choose life, together – and only together – we can thrive


#WaterIsLife #LandIsSacred #Fuckthe150 #Canada150 #haiku #poetry#cananaday

The Decolonize mural artist credit goes to artist #LavieRaven

“Decolonize is a universal message to all people of the earth to reconnect to their ancestry, the earth, to their traditional medicines and knowledge, and to a global consciousness that we are all related. Everyone on the planet has indigenous roots to somewhere,”


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