Most of us in the inner workings of the scene know there are some festivals and events that are child friendly and some that are not. Any Burner Parent knows the scorching blaze of judgement -hotter than any day on the playa- that comes when someone out of the know hears you are contemplating taking your child to Burning Man – OR even have a child and perpetuate that “lifestyle”.

“Oh we’ve heard of what goes on THERE” They scoff, absolutely unaware of the magic waiting there for anyone, of any age.

Deeper in to the knowing most of us Burners are well aware that Burning Man it’s self is not your typical music festival – in fact most would push to say it’s not a festival at all; but an artistic exhibit personified in a small transient city – a tangible archetype of what could be.
For Adults, elders and Children alike.

I have traveled for a handful of years across the white streets of the playa and I have imagined those roads from many different eyes; there truly is something for everyone.

In the summer of 2012 I ventured to ” Kidsville” – a large camp catering for Children & Families at Burning Man – out of my own curiosity and inquiry. After having been at BM for a couple years at that point my daughter started asking to attend with me.

“Is Burning Man for Kids?” I thought

Sure one could find it easy to discredit a place apparently soaking with debauchery as a strictly adult playground; but per-capita is it really so much different than a city? I have never felt safer or more at home than I do on the Playa, I would wager to so many children feel the same.
So many have found solace and release in expressing their childlike self at BM so why not have us all be able to express that together? Learn to love the Childlike self from the masters of being silly themselves!

I wandered in to Kidsville and saw a plethora of giddy delights, a lavish peanut butter & jelly station, tiny geodesic domes, puppet shows and more than anything I saw absolutely elated children – I saw families working together cultivating community outside of the stagnant and tired story of the Nuclear home.

I prodded them with playful inquiry, I spoke to parents, children, extended family and a few imaginary friends/stuffed animals.
What I heard was a collective exhale, expressions of joy, tired but grateful parents – relieved they could gather in a place where they could be Humans together with their Kids.

Imagine a world where Children don’t grow up on a pedestal feeling like a burden later as teens; but rather are treated as members of a thriving community: a tribe even.

I don’t have to imagine it because I have seen it.

So BM & the Temple saved my life, anyone who knows me knows that.

It restored a sense of worthiness and purpose to which I lost – perhaps before I even inhabited this body – It returned me to myself, my artistry and my love.
Part of this restoration was learning to understand that my Child self, my sensual self and my sage self were not adversaries – and it was when I learned to weave them together as Kin that I truly felt joy and self acceptance for the first time.

That being said as a whole Burning Man did not create anything that wasn’t already there but nourished and united the child the elder and the guardian creature inside of me. It merely calmed the ire of their war-grounds and planted seeds for me to sow.

Gods know what a world we could have if our children could be taught such embark from Childhood to Adulthood.

I wonder.


Moments of fomo with AppleCat 2015


I remember –

Every Temple is destined to fall.
-architectural grace

– She: the prettiest hellfire I have ever been in. I didn’t mind the burning one bit.

back turned; I felt her scorn

And when the blazing truth spills from your vein
I wonder
Does this severance give way to newness?
or sweet seared oblivion?

Yet I digress; ramble as I do –

Heavens bells and hells song – how could such a love be wrong?

Within their watchful embrace.


“They planted a seed over his grave. The seed became a tree. Moses said his father became a part of that tree. He grew into the wood, into the bloom. And when a sparrow ate the tree’s fruit, his father flew with the birds. He said… death was his father’s road to awe.”

My first year and second day at Burning Man, by fluke on a solitary walk, I came across Dissølv begining their set at the Opulent Temple. I looked at them in awe, whilst others danced and I watched a DJ, Live PA, Violinist and a guitarist perform live psydub, psybreaks against a pyramid backdrop illuminated by the last of the deserts sun.

I sat for at least an hour; engrossed by the magic, magic which was fuelled by the message. Then again; just as the sun rising behind the Temple of Transition that morning had shifted my consciousness and awareness for the first time in my life; the setting sun against a revolutionaries electronic/organic lament further altered my perspective and priorities. The Playa had fused; and birthed, Mya(maya), Fable, AppleCat, and Ceilidh(kali) in to one entity; harmonious and powerful; quiet and unignorable. A route to absolute self. Although I wasn’t aware of the right of passage at that moment.

Upon returning to my camp, all attempts to express what had just happened to me fell short, my time and experience was my own to hold; and my words were futile to explain them. The music, the moment, the experience; it was mine alone.

In peace I resigned myself to sleep; with thoughts of the moon against the sun; and my own duality blossoming in their in between.


Burning Man: Part 1

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.12.36 PM

In my early teens I heard inklings of Burning Man, my mother was the first to awaken me to the events existence. She spoke of magic, art and culture; of freedom and beauty. She spoke if it as if it were the farthest away place, and she spoke of it with longing.

This is how I find many people who have not visited Burning Man describe the playa, like is it in the farthest regions of the world, accessible only by boat, through treacherous waters.
Which is true I suppose, but it’s not the landscape that is treacherous it’s the inward journey it’s self; the bravery of dancing in to the unknown. A faceless waltz partner and a promenade unlearned.

These thoughts of this bewitching place left my minds surface rather quickly; as I was 14 and had many dynamic dramatic seemingly important things to focus my attention on. What where they? Who knows, they meant nothing indefinitely. That being said this magic idea of a place was left tattooed in the depths of my psyche.

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Thoughts on being a Temple Guardian


I have spoke in person and in text on regular occasion the magnitude of effect the Temple has had on me since 2011. The variant in levels of change on a personal, social, cultural level that it has sparked in me.
Although that being said the Temple never forced anything to happen, nothing magically changed upon my entrance through her doors; she showed the path towards what was already inside of me; begging to be released, social empathy, artistic integrity, and a path away from stagnant self detestation and mental crucifixion.For years I had been enduring my broken heart; for years I had been on the front lines shattering my own existence so no one else could. At the very least I refused to give anyone else the chance; if it were to break it would be by my own hand.
In her I saw a what I had been holding back, a reflection of myself and my communities deep humanity. I saw a love I never understood before; a love I gave to others but never turned inward, in her I started to comprehend unconditional self adoration.

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