untitled # 67573


These creatures circle , a slow approach to courtship

Primal remembrance
tongues shed their literacy
their robes to follow

her clinical observation, deemed obsolete

daring to go deep
a quivering reluctance
to love, thrust aside

This Collision consisting of startling Wonder

Memory’s shadow
mirrored their lips, and parted
holy and profane

Sensuality’s story frothing at the brim

Lust’s salt on their skin
fingernail trails leading home
a heartbeat conjoined

Desire immortalized in times finite embrace


untitled # :v

dystopia_by_ezorenier-d7w37sw (1)

unified by strife
contentious bloodshed,
bound hands, quell loves flow

war, you’ve taken me
countless centuries, lashing out
please hold me, once more

forgot to love, starving
starving, forgot how to chew
this home on tongues tip

pulling down heaven
hallowed ground, beneith our feet
see here, not elsewhere

seek to stop running
desire the present unveiled
together, we’re home

– AppleCat

art credit: http://fav.me/d7w37sw

three headed haiku

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.23.30 PM

what they say is true
that you can never go home
this urge to step back

a bizarre longing
to linger bound in embrace
naive and broken

awoken startled
still warm from the breath of sleep
unconstrained, I howl

to those that stay


Curious Creature
a parched imagination
your beauty shines on


Walking his Shadow
A man, abound in kind warmth
swiftly learns to chew


Tall, Quiet and Strong
Met within the platitude
Flooding between us


Fell from the Left Brain
Emotions as his Burden
As so is any Gift


Thick Skin, Softer Soul
Strums, his guitar gently moans
stone-faced, he strides on


Ever Wandering
Always on the cusp of self
Be fearless, Be Free